Recycling and Sustainability

Historically, clothing was something that was used and kept for a very long time, but in today's society with cheap clothing readily available we tend to view our clothing as disposable and discard it at an increasingly fast pace. Millions and millions and millions of tonnes of clothing are consumed worldwide every year and the majority of this will end up in landfill instead of being reused or recycled. This wastes valuable resources and causes extreme harm to the environment. This is an unsustainable model and to change this it will require us to rethink the old model of use and make waste. 

Project Solo creates garments that are classic, durable, timeless, and long lasting. You will still outgrow your clothes, wear through them or even decide it is time for something new. However, we can ensure that those worn clothes don't end up in landfills. 

The Project Solo recycling program has been established to give our customers the opportunity to recycle any pre-owned Project Solo items in exchange for a recycling credit. The credit amount will vary by the type of item. We will transfer these items to a textile recycling facility where they will be broken down into fibers and re-used in many different industries. Recycling credits will not expire and can be redeemed only on our online store. 

We are always looking to create less impact on the environment within all levels of our operations of Project Solo. Our garments are made locally in Los Angeles and we reduce unnecessary extras where we can. We do not use single use plastic packaging to ship your product and the packaging we do provide is made for the customer to reuse.   
We are working hard to create a product that is classic and will be long lasting. The garment industry is not known for sustainability but we want to reduce our footprint on this planet by taking care of it and those that inhabit it. If you are interested take a moment to read about our transparency here.
Our products are made to the highest standards with a vigorous quality control process in place. You can feel confident that your garment will be a premium product that you will love for years to come. Our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our products is ever changing and constantly evolving.